Brian Lynn

About Brian Lynn

“My right ankle was crushed between a tugboat and a barge. The orthopedic surgeon who operated said that degenerative arthritis and a permanent limp were inevitable consequences of the injury,” says Brian Lynn, a Feldenkrais practitioner in Victoria. “One year later I stopped limping and now 34 years later, I have no arthritis.”

Brian Lynn, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, operates out of a beautiful clinic in the heart of Victoria, on Oregon Avenue, quite close to the Belfry Theatre.

“The Feldenkrais Method is often used to relieve stress and pain, and restore range of movement, through a series of controlled and systematic exercises,” Lynn says. “It’s a way of retraining the body to move naturally and effortlessly, like children, and is popular with everyone from people recovering from auto accidents to others looking for an alternative to yoga.”

Brian teaches Awareness Through Movement®, which can help participants, over time, restore comfort and natural movement, and Functional Integration®, which can help with mobility issues.

Brian has taught drop-in classes since 1983 in Victoria, as well as workshops across British Columbia, as well as in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, California, Mexico, and Costa Rica (see complete list). Brian has taught more than 8000 classes in Victoria alone, and worked with hundreds of individuals.

He is also a certified teacher of Master’s Pyschophysical Method® and the originator of Reflex yoga, and his work was profiled in the Nov/Dec 1992 Yoga Journal®. Brian has a B.A in Philosophy and Psychology.

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