Functional Integration®

The client lies, clothed, on a low padded table. The practitioner moves him/her and guides the person back to movements which have been lost, or forward to movements which have never been tried. Through gentle touch and handling the practitioner restores the experience of easy safe movement. Feldenkrais explains the purpose of his work in this way:

“To make the impossible possible, to make the possible easy and to make the easy elegant.”

He devised a highly sophisticated method to painless bring this about. The normal activities of life become easier and more pleasurable. Sometimes may be painfully tight because they are holding the self in an attitude.

The Feldenkrais Method® can help undo a habitual attitude which person has outgrown. The neutrality of natural posture and integrated movement brings with it a feeling of buoyancy and calm. Specialized skills can be performed with less excess effort and tension. Breathing is restored to its personal unhampered rhythm. Anxiety is reduced.


Functional Integration Private Sessions (1 hour):  $110 (Includes GST)

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